[Talk-ca] LCN, RCN, NCN & tct relation

samvekemans samvekemans at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 8 15:34:59 BST 2008

There is a delay of message there (a good thing)
NCN, Might want to check if those routes looked at in Quebec are also part of the trans canada trail (in that province the trail is complete. Im proposing that the official tct has a connecting route from ottawa to montreal. (for historical significance, a giant U on eithor side of the river) (most people dont know the  official TCT routing. ) 
That said, because the TCT is multisurface. ... its reasonable to show state/province routes as NCN .... NCN not National Recreational Trail, as the Rails to Trails project is. However, adding SCN (state/province globaly is the same meaning (with redundent government lol) i'll add it in there, but also add in the question to other countries to get a wiki concencus.
-on some trails, this means that it can have 4 tags -which is fine
A side note, is trailguru.com (terrawiki) going to become an OSM overlay?

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