[Talk-ca] OSM Wiki Tagging Recreational Trails In Canada

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 13:05:38 BST 2008

I created, and now working on the OSM Canada Wiki article, with the goal of
making the Canada site more similar to that of other countries.

We dont have a chart which would be handy under "Canadian Tagging
Guidelines" showing the overall standard for tagging.
We have roads covered, but not how to tag Cycleways for Road Bike, Hybred
Bikes and mountain bikes (Paved, gravel and Dirt), as well as proper ways to
tag hiking trails, and showing all the possable combinations.

Adding a lcn/rcn/ncn=yes could help... if all three are true.
.. we CAN make a tag pcn=yes then just go in there and adjust those routes
which need to be.??
Having all this information would help new mappers get started with the
'most right' information.

I started uploading my bike tracks from last year example:
 Princeton-Tulameen. .. Trans Canada Trail. ... and I know that its part of
the Trans-Canada Trail because there is a physical sign. as well as a sign
that says "Trails BC" as well as a sign that says Vermillion Trails Society

Operator=Vermillion Trails Society (VTS)
Ref=Trans-Canada Trail
Surface=paved/Loose Gravel/Sand

(Sand is OK for ATV's, anoying for horseback)
washout areas need to be tagged too.

with all kinds of Crazy Surfaces. ... Whats cute is that where the TCT
pavilion is.. its paved.. yet just beyond it, is a ditch. where you need to
J-walk and find your way over to the other side (hopefully this year that is
On this section, heading through Tulameen, ATV's are alloud on the trail.
.. then past it are bridges with just the metal tracks taken off, where you
need to walk the bike... or a mountain bike with no gear, fortunatly there
are road bi-passes.
However, the road bi-pass isnt part of the trail, nor is it marked (I

So... a percise listing of how to tag the routes would be helpful.

Any feedback?  (Ill be poking around at other countries ive been to and know
some trails, so to see how its tagged there) as well as in each major city

I think from my example here, the segments need to be specifac and show as
much detail as possable.

Does Hiking=yes help to make a future International Hiking map?

I guess the TCT article, really only needs to show which trails have already
been overed Tracks / Traces / Lables and how much of it is done.  (since the
trail usage and surface comes from looking at the physical wall map at the
start of the regional trail, and physical signs saying whats permitted or

On Another note:  What i can do is be in contact with those people who wish
to cycle across canada with a GPS, and see if they can share there tracks
and help build the map. ... so... the overall routing i made is just an
estimate (which is why it cant be shown, (as well as the TCT track file) ..
as the tracks are not RAW data, and nore do i know exctly what the surfaces,
usage and local names are, without looking them up in a book (copyright) ...
but someone needs to physically be there.

Another note:  Could I add on the goals section, a goal to make a complete
on-demand free OSM book of Canada, where some publisher can print it from
automatically updated PDF files. .??  (i figure that one, is needed as
although technology is wonderful, its not always reliable.. and you do need
a backup map book) .. thoughts on that?

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