[Talk-ca] OSM Wiki Tagging Recreational Trails In Canada

simon at mungewell.org simon at mungewell.org
Fri Jul 11 15:57:15 BST 2008

> I created, and now working on the OSM Canada Wiki article, with the goal
> of
> making the Canada site more similar to that of other countries.

Yes, I've been watching the 'recent changes' page. Good job.

> Adding a lcn/rcn/ncn=yes could help... if all three are true.
> .. we CAN make a tag pcn=yes then just go in there and adjust those routes
> which need to be.??

You don't need to multiply tag, just one of lcn, rcn, or ncn is sufficient.

Also some tags are implied, and thus don't need to be stated. Such as
'highway=motorway' implies 'cycle=no' and 'foot=no'.

> On Another note:  What i can do is be in contact with those people who
> wish
> to cycle across canada with a GPS, and see if they can share there tracks
> and help build the map.

Email cycling groups/clubs/etc... tempt them with the GPS-downloadable
Bike map.

> Another note:  Could I add on the goals section, a goal to make a complete
> on-demand free OSM book of Canada, where some publisher can print it from
> automatically updated PDF files. .??  (i figure that one, is needed as
> although technology is wonderful, its not always reliable.. and you do
> need
> a backup map book) .. thoughts on that?

Not tried them personally, but a podcast I used to listen to used these guys:

Also wiki-travel had some books done recently:


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