[Talk-ca] OpenAerialMap for geoBase Data? Yahoo! Image 2006 i-cubed?

Dale Atkin datkin at ibycus.com
Thu Jul 24 15:12:43 BST 2008

I haven't really done much (anything) with OSM, so I don't know how feasible
the following is within the OSM framework, but it occurs to me that one
project which might be *very* useful in the mapping world would be an effort
to associate Road Names/Address information with NIDs. 

NIDs are used to uniquely identify a road segment in the Geobase data set.
If one could build a cross reference between NID and road name/attributes,
this would be a very useful database to have.

I don't know how useful (or fruitful) simply reproducing the efforts of
collecting the road information would ultimately be, but I imagine if you
start collecting revisions, additions, modifications to the Geobase network
files, you might ultimately produce an interesting product. 


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On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 6:53 PM, Sam Vekemans
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> Hi,
> Im trying not to beat a dead horse... its not dead yet.. ;)
> Thanks James & Corey as well as Dale for giving a bit more insight.
> Looking at the OSM cycle map, i see that topo information IS there, so
> cool.
> Im looking at OpenTopoMap.. and see that it does ask for what attribution
> be added. .. So im guessing that GeoBase could be added in there with the
> source?
> .. As GeoBase also holds satalite imagery.. that got me wondering, as now
> there is GeoBC... (i read i the paper about how they gave Google Earth the
> ability to use that.. but i dont know details.
>> looks like thats a whole lot of info.. not really sure how it relates to
> GeoBase.. humm.

I didn't realize that GeoBase has their own aerial/satellite imagery.
We should investigate using that to trace over and the legal
implications of such.

The GeoBC stuff is separate and still under crown copyright
> But more importantly:
> Now im using Kosmos (its on the main wikiOSM page as the feature) .. and
> has the option to view the map with satalite imagery... from  Landsat
> Nasa)... so thats wild. ... makes it ALMOST like google earth :). ..
> The other option Kosmos gives is to download from OpenArealMap.org ..
> Which looks very similar to opentopmap. ..
> My guess is that once it gets bigger it would be added as an option for

OpenAerialMap is already an option with Potlatch.

> Noting about how on OSM we are using Yahoo!'s areal maps.. and we need to
> show the Yahoo! icon at the bottom corner... thats no different than
> the GeoBase logo (or just the text GeoBase.. and thats the attribute that
> yahoo wanted,.. and got.

The Yahoo imagery shown in Potlatch has nothing to do with OSM. That
is pulled in via the Yahoo! API.

> So .. if we can have Geobase's data for free, as long as we show the
> attributes...  data onto OpenAerialMap.org and OpenTopoMap.org that could
> help... as one way around this delema. ..
> yep, just checked.. the Ibycus topo's map reference is the same. So the
> OSM Atlas could have that.. its fine to have GeoBase as its source. (from
> the books prespective)

So in sum. We are still stuck with GeoBase data with regards to OSM
but should investigate GeoBase imagery. That being said, there is
nothing stopping somebody other than OSM to taking the OSM data and
portraying it over GeoBase base files (imagery/topo) as long as both
licenses are adhered to.


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