[Talk-ca] Mailboxes

Blake Crosby me at blakecrosby.com
Tue Mar 11 19:20:10 GMT 2008

Jason Reid wrote:
> I wouldn't restrict as far as just the standalone outbound only boxes, 
> I'd exclude the individual house boxes that may be in some locations 
> (the 'end of driveway' type boxes) but include the community style boxes 
> that are becoming frequent (typically a unit consisting of between 1 and 
> 3 banks of mail boxes, of ~12 boxes per bank plus a parcel box thats 
> shared between all other boxes, and a outbound mail drop slot).

Jason, yes. This is where the confusion is arising. I was suggesting we 
use type=cmb for the community mailbox you mention above.

However, James was wondering about the non community types, the ones I 
called "normal" mailboxes.

I'm proposing that by default the amenity=post_box will be the "normal" 
style unless specified with a type=cmb, where it will be the community 
mail box type.

Hope this clears things up.


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