[Talk-ca] Tagging of Street names.

Blake Crosby me at blakecrosby.com
Mon Mar 31 17:23:32 BST 2008

Hey Simon,

I asked the question a while ago on the newbies list.

The suggested way is to tag the names to the fullest. Ie:

51st Street North East.

The idea behind that is that the abbreviation is to be left to the front 
end display engine. Ie, the routing software or the map renderer.

For more info, check out the thread at:



simon at mungewell.org wrote:
> Hi all,
> Since this a North American thing I thought I'd ask here what we Canadians
> would prefer to do with tagging street names.
> Should it be:
> 51st Street North-East
> 51st Street NE
> 51st St NE
> 51 St NE
> 51 St (Direction=North-East)
> 51 St (Direction=NE)
> ... or any other varient
> Personally I prefer '51 ST NE' as it's the shortest/simplest form, but I
> have seen it written multiple ways.
> If it really doesn't matter, can we get confirmation what abreviations the
> street finder works with.
> Mungewell.
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