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Pierre-Luc Beaudoin pierre-luc at squidy.info
Wed Sep 17 11:45:43 BST 2008

Le mardi 16 septembre 2008 à 21:37 -0600, Jason Reid a écrit :

> Pierre-Luc Beaudoin wrote:
> > Le mardi 16 septembre 2008 à 14:34 -0600, Jason Reid a écrit :
> >> I will be there. And fingers crossed the openstreetmap.ca site will have
> >> the Canadianized mapnik layer running on it by then so we can show it 
> >> off.
> > Can we have more information on that? :)
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Pierre-Luc 
> I've been working on a rule set for mapnik to give the Canadian map more 
> canadian flavour. So incorporating the real highway shields for most 
> provinces, plus a few color tweaks to start with and a few other shops 
> and amenities also get icons now. The shields are the time consuming 
> part, as I've had to generate the svg for each number for each province 
> (though its a bit more scripted now then it was to start, after 
> realizing exactly how many hundred numbered highways there are in just 
> Alberta). Once its up then I'll be open to other suggestions (or 
> patches) to change other things on the map.

Nice, I've drawn the Québec's ones in the past (back when I wanted
Google Maps to actually use them).  I now realised they are low quality
but I could spend sometime improving them if you like.  I also have the
seal for every numbered roads (1xx to 3xx) that are not motorways.

For the colours, I'd say go for a nuanced palette... the current colours
are too saturated... when you put a marker on it, it doesn't comes out.

I am looking forward to see your work!

> -Jason Reid
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