[Talk-ca] Canada WikiMAP happy update :)

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 22:38:48 BST 2008

So i now have a cool program that will create the mapsource map with
the latest and greatest osm data, along with my crazy trail routes
across canada.
Thanks to Dale's update program, i've been able to make a similar
thing. :) so that means i can make provincial and regional maps on
request. -oh ya, the crowsnest pass SRTM contours will show up too :)

um ya, regional boundries are great to have on OSM. -a rule? If you
see a sign showing town line, the exact spot of the sign is assumed to
be the border. A photo of the sign can be added. And ya, there will be
many levels of boundries. -the key is to have tagging structure
consistent. -so check what worked on other areas so each area type

Looking at the future of JOSM i see it adding the 3rd dimention, where
the roads will be objects with widths, depths and surface attribs and
object relations. So... Population areas and region names, and parks,
etc. Can all be thought of that way. (as a 3d object with x,y,z) right
now, the lines run in the center of the invisable objects).

As for the coil bound atlas book, i can use wikitravel, so a
discription of each area is listed, as well as the local tourist maps
would also be incorporated.
If you get a chance visit your local wikitravel page and in a picture
of the osm map :)

So all in all, looking back at the wikipages i made, they are all now
outdated :)
if anyone has ideas on how they would like to see the map book, feel
free to discribe it on my talk page :)


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