[Talk-ca] Fixing Albertan Places

Simon Wood simon at mungewell.org
Wed Sep 24 03:31:04 BST 2008

On Tue, 23 Sep 2008 20:01:40 -0600
jewen at shaw.ca wrote:

> Just what we are talking about, but missing a little information.

Very interesting...

> Similarly, Fort McMurray should have a dot representative of the
> 50,000 inhabitants. The RM of Wood Buffalo is a large chunk of land,
> and drawing an outline around it, and trying to say this is the
> Specialized Municipality of Wood Buffalo is not representative of the
> area.

I'll do some investigation to see if 'common names' are rendered in preference to 'name'. This might prove a solution. 

> Well, I drew the city limits of Edmonton many months ago, as well as
> the outline of Strathcona County, and Sherwood Park's urban service
> area. They never get rendered.

They might appear on the slippy map, but they may be being used elsewhere such as GPS maps, etc.

> There needs to be a way to designate zoom levels. If you zoom out on
> Edmonton, the label disappears behind Stony Plain or Spruce Grove, if
> I recall correctly. Edmonton has 600,000 people in it, Spruce Grove is
> about 40,000 I think. You have to zoom in pretty close before you can
> find the capital of Alberta on the map.

The other 1/2 of the import stuff I'm looking at is to put the census information in

If this were to be used by the renders it would sort out the layering of adjancent Cities/Towns.


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