[Talk-ca] Using geobase postGarmin data to OSM

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 18:46:52 GMT 2009

Cool,You made a good point.
re: Using geobase postGarmin format data to OSM.

Because with the Garmin Format, we are limited to the set number of defined
map feature types to choose from.  So all the GeoBase data, needs to fit
into one of the Garmin Categories. .. and in many cases, thats hard to
define when there isnt one.

Unlike sending the data direct from GeoBase to OSM, where we can choose to
tag it what we like, and be happy to know that Garmin does already conform
to OSM standards. ..

And ya, the suggestion to make it OpenSource is much more practical.

re: discussion of wipe & replace
I think Richard Weait & Richard Degelder made some pretty good arguments.

Fortunately, bad ideas DO result in further explanation of good idea's and
getting another step closer to the goal.  (although frustrating... it's
still another step forward) :)

re: wiki GeoBase Import Talk page.
Now it looks like there's some tidying up todo on the wiki page, to remove
those irrelevant points ... and explain why they were removed, so for future
import discussions people have something better to work with.
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