[Talk-ca] An Idea

Richard Degelder rtdegelder at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 20:42:32 GMT 2009

When we are importing data from GeoBase would it not be a good idea to
do so under a user name other than the one each user normally uses?  

If I am editing something the edits always appear under the user name
rtdg but possibly we should consider a special user name for those times
that each person is doing a bulk upload to differentiate that it is not
a normal edit process.  That can be a common user name for all GeoBase
imports or each person can set up their own special user name to be only
used to do a bulk import from GeoBase, an example might be for me to use
rtdg-GeoBase for any bulk uploads from GeoBase and still use rtdg for my
normal edits, even if the edits are to GeoBase derived data, or

The advantage is that in the event of something really going wrong with
the bulk import we have a clear user name to look to for backing out the
data.  Another advantage is that it also allows people to quickly
realize that the data was not part of a normal upload process but is, in
fact, a part of a special bulk import from GeoBase.  People can then
determine how much they trust the data from their personal experiences
looking at other data imported into OSM.

Richard Degelder

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