[Talk-ca] CanVec Data vs. GeoBase data

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 10:49:16 GMT 2009

Hi,Sorry i think you might have missed reviewing the wiki page.

There are about 300 or so map features which are not available in GeoBase
data. ... most of which ... make that ALL of which are valuable and will be
an excellent contribution to OpenStreetMap.

You are right (Kevo & James), As far as ROAD data, yes we use the NRN from

However, this is not the complete picture.
The map that we are making is not JUST roads. .. the entire transporation
sector is also important to be adding to OpenStreetMap..
All types of Railways, and all types of Runways, are also part of this set.
 So again, same with the NHN.  So any map feature that is also in the CanVec
 set does NOT get imported.
(hey, if you Do find instances where CanVec Data is also available on
GeoBase, but incorrectly labeled in the CanVec Features catalogue... please
let me know)

What I also understand is that this process for importing the CanVec Data is
going to be different than that of GeoBase. ... 'cause it's different
stuff... :0)  yet still has shape files and database files which can be
converted into OSM format.
So it will take a modification of the GeoBase2osm python script and
RoadMatcher script, so that this program can work.

For importing the CanVec data, it makes sense to be importing it Tile by
tile, starting with a couple sample areas to make sure that each map feature
has the appropriate tags.
Unlike the GeoBase NRN & NHN, this is all small shapes, lines, points which
do not cross tile sheets. .. they match up perfectly.  So the script would
be made to look at the whole zip file with all the shapes and database
files,  and be able to convert it all in 1 go.  .... a challenge and a
half... but fun too. :0)   ... i'll continue to plug away at it, learning
from everyone as i go along.

What I like about this project is that we are not confined to researching
different aspects.... nor confined or assigned any specific task. .. We all
know that lots needs to be done. I'm just highlighting it all and doing what
i can :) and keeping everyone posted of results.

So please don't refer to me 'running in circles'.   ... as it's not really.
We are all working on this project from different angles. .. where NO ONE
person knows how todo the ENTIRE thing, everyone has different pieces to
contribute :)  ... this is how OSM works, we eithor contribute and add on
ideas, or we make suggestions on how to improve.

This is not something that has ever been done before.... no manual has been
written. We are writing the manual :).  .. i want to make sure that we are
all as aware of the facts as possible (alot of facts we have talked about
simply have not made it it the wiki page yet).   Some of the wiki pages
might have been started myself... but it's always open for edits and
discussions. Im only one person. :)

Sam Vekemans
Across Canada Trails
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