[Talk-ca] NRN Fort McMurray area data

Steve Singer ssinger_pg at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 12 13:30:36 GMT 2009

I have prepared some .osm files for the portion of the 074 NTS tileset that 
lies within Alberta.  This includes the Fort McMurray area. It is a small 
dataset since most of the tile lies outside of Alberta.

If the standalone detection worked properly we should be able to upload the 
.standalone and not create any duplicate ways (My inputs where based on the 
Jan 07 canada.osm dump).  People could the use the full in JOSM 074.osm file 
to find places where roads are still missing and manually add them in.

The questions I have for the group are:
1) What aspects of the tagging are we unhappy with.  These files differ from 
the svn geobase2osm in that they:

 	* Drop attribution from nodes (mentioned on the list)
 	* Add support for the is_in tag (Do we like the results of this)
 	* Road naming as I proposed in a previous email to the list

What other aspects of the tagging do we want to change?

2) Are we able to find a significant number of places where the standalone 
failed and will result in duplicate ways in OSM? This method will result in 
the import missing some roads but I can live with people manually 
finding+adding them. If others can't, then its time to speak up.

074.osm (All NRN roads)

074.osm.standalone (Roads that are clearly standalone)

Result.jml (RoadMatcher output)

Please hold off on hitting upload in JOSM on these files.

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