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Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 22:46:52 GMT 2009

Hi Michael,

Thanks, thats brilliant!
I dont know Oracle, but can understand.

> As for the tags what do you mean?   How is your layout setup right now?
> Michael

Perhaps there is a way to add an attribute tag 'is_in=*'?

Jason, Michel & Steve are the ones who are physially doing the import,
and the talk-ca list everyone is providing great feedback.

Shows the charts and details (not sure if it needs to be updated).

(i think) we chose not to use StatsCan because of it's outdated data,
and infrequent updates. .. however that doesnt mean that options are
closed :)

Michael Mepham, from NRCan GeoBase told us that they should have a
timetable 'soon' for when the other provinces road data will be
available. .. Whats holding it down is that actual agreements need to
be made down to the municipalities and up to the  provinces to get the
data available.

So if there is another way that would also work, that would be great
to explore further.

Sam Vekemans
Across Canada Trails

On 1/13/09, G. Michael Carter <mikey at carterfamily.ca> wrote:
> I have no experience with python scripting.  Sorry.
> I've actually been dumping the data into an Oracle DB and using their
> geocoder.   The GeoBase data is defiantly favourable but only has the
> full data for three provinces (AB, YT and NS)   For all the other
> provinces/territories it's just useless as it doesn't even have the
> street names.
> As for stats can data it has everything you need.  The street names,
> direction, house numbering.  Only problem is you have no idea which city
> the roads are in.  To get that you need to pay $2,500 to get the
> attributes file.   However, this is a little trick I'm doing right
> now.   The bountry files are also free.  I'm using Oracle's spatial
> engine.   To figure out which road is in which city.  This is about 90%
> accurate till you get roads like HWY 9 which are on the line of both
> Mono and Caledon.   For these I need to manually do the work.
> As for the tags what do you mean?   How is your layout setup right now?
> Michael
> Sam Vekemans wrote:
>> Hi,
>> i know its already been answered.
>> If you have more questions, im happy to answer where i can.
>> You said 'geocoder' do you happen to have any experience with python
>> scripting?
>> -for now, help is needed in going over the charts (nrn, nhn & and the
>> others for feedback on how things should be tagged, as we would like
>> everything to be tagged the best way possable.
>> As this is ALOT of data, it would help if its tagged right.
>> The priority is the NRN & and NHN over everything else.
>> Thanks,
>> Sam Vekemans
>> Across Canada Trails
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