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Wed Jan 14 07:33:41 GMT 2009

The files look great!

is_in= .. im not sure if it should be a semicolin ";" "or a comma ","
between each place. ... but this makes sense as it "should" become
searchable in the database.

a quick fix of "GeoBase_Import_2009" .. a nit-pick, but might be worth
something :)

I think the

"Name Dataset name Definition Dataset identifier according to the National
Topographic System (NTS).
|Data type Character (10) Domain [999A99] NTS identifier (6 characters). "
Should be added as

But since the road data appears to be available as the large 074 16-tile
area, this might not be needed.   However, maybe this should be a attribute
for when importing the NHN??

Accuracy:manual fixing
I like how it places the priority on the existing OSM data.

And so for roads that are WAY Off center, it gets confused. .. in some cases
The User would be right, but others GeoBase would be right. .. for the
Tofino, BC example my roads were WAY off.  (I used the eTrex Vista Cx) ..
but now i use the GPSmap 60Cx which would give a much much better reading.
.. when the person created it for GeoBase, it could have been an
extrapolation, or a direct reading. .. there  IS "Acquisition Technique" ..
with code -1,0,1,2 - 12 ..
Is there a point in adding the tag "geobase:Acquisition_Technique=*"

-1 Unknown Impossible to determine.
0 None No value applies.
1 Other All possible values not explicitly mentioned in the
2 GPS Data collected using a GPS device.
3 Orthoimage Satellite imagery orthorectified.
4 Orthophoto Aerial photo orthorectified.
5 Vector Data Vector digital data.
6 Paper Map Conventional sources of information like maps or plans.
7 Field Completion Information gathered from people directly on the field.
8 Raster Data Data resulting from a scanning process.
9 Digital Elevation Model Data coming from a Digital Elevation Model (DEM).
10 Aerial Photo Aerial photography not orthorectified.
11 Raw Imagery Data Satellite imagery not orthorectified.
12 Computed Geometric information that has been computed (not

Would this be relevant to add???

... our focus is on getting the most-right roads, and this does it.  So when
the mapper is getting into the details of the local community, these points
will become even more precise. ... driving along the road vs. walking along
side the road.

Great Job :)

Sam Vekemans
Across Canada Trails
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