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> Will do.
> Right now i'm having a problem with RoadMatcher, it's giving me a weird
> error. I suspect its because of the existing OSM data that i've
> converted to GML, then SHP format.
> I'll let you know my progress.
> One additional question I have is.. How to I attribute the data properly?
> Blake

Sorry, didn't actually answer that question.
Right now, the attributes are written in the script, and they seem to be
looking at the example.
Way 30187984 does not have a name listed, although either that road doesn't
actually have a name, or the script still needs to be worked on, but looking
at that way you can see how it's tagged.

But more importantly, on the wiki page is the charts, which might still need
more work.
Feedback is always appreciated.


It's still a work in progress.  :)

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