[Talk-ca] GeoBase import woes...

James Ewen jewen at shaw.ca
Tue Jan 27 00:51:13 GMT 2009

On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 4:02 PM, Sam Vekemans
<acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com> wrote:

> just looking at your map, it looks like the west part of Tower Road is
> listed as 'unclassified'

Yes, I had originally tagged all of Tower Road as unclassified as it
is a rough gravel road back into the bush. Unclassified is the lowest
form of the interconnecting grid network. GeoBase however has the it
tagged as tertiary. I'd consider a tertiary road to be a little more
substantial than what Tower Road is currently. The washboard and
potholes it possesses are the things that dentists dream of at night.

> Just wondering, was it the same steps as i described before??. ... you just
> added in the step to break up the OSM road WAYS?  ... so it was copy from
> geobase.osm file, and paste to data.osm layer, then move to the right spot?

Nope... I can't get that to work in any useful way. I have been doing
manual roadmatching. I have been deleting everything from the full 074
file using JOSM except for the roadways that I am interested in
fixing. (It's along tedious task) I then upload the roadway into OSM,
and use Potlatch to edit the ways. If the GPX track I laid down is a
better fit to the real world, I cut it up into pieces that are the
same as GeoBase. I then copy the tags from the GeoBase way over to the
OSM way, and finally delete the GeoBase way. If the GeoBase way is a
good fit to the real world, I leave it, and delete my GPX tracked way.

It's difficult to find and import all the little short ways that get
missed by the roadmatcher which are not duplicated in the OSM data,
and import them one at a time.

In areas where there is very little existing data, such as where I've
tracked a highway for hundreds of miles, it would be easier to simply
upload the full GeoBase data, and delete the GPX tracked way. I can
reload and create the GPX track much faster than trying to import the
missed GeoBase data. I guess I could also downlaod the data in JOSM,
and save it for later upload. In areas where the GeoBase data is poor,
it's a pretty quick fix to copy tags to the OSM way. Manually
extracting missed GeoBase data is tougher.

The long stretches of highway that I have been able to add into the
database is simply a track that describes the roadway. I don't have
time to stop and mark each intersection, bridge, and other attribute
as I zip along from one jobsite to the next. The best I can do while
working for my employer is gather a fairly accurate account of the
location of the roadway. GeoBase data contains much more detail that
simply roadway location. I would defer to GeoBase for the greater
information detail, but upgrade poor location data with GPX track
based information.

Because the GeoBase ways describe sections of road between
intersections, it can take a very long time to correct a poor tag.
Highway 63 is named 63 Highway (possibly regional preferences?) I
haven't changed that, but thought perhaps a bot could be created to
find and replace that. I have been removing the ref : NONE; 63 with
ref : 63, and have been adding the oneway tags to the divided highway
from Suncor down to Fort McMurray.

With so many little sections to deal with, I can almost drive the
roadway as fast as I can edit it... Potlatch needs a bulk replace
command. I need to be able to select multiple ways, and then do a bulk
tag edit.


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