[Talk-ca] Canvec entities

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 11:34:21 GMT 2010

Hi Daniel,

I just finished updating about 1/2 of the spreadsheet. (it's getting
late over here)


(editing key)

It now lists the descriptions and the entities in french, as well as
lists comments for each.
Some of the tags have been changed (since i am now a bit more
proficient in OSM :)
and there are a few more that need to be looked at.

I'll be adding in the wiki references to it & list the status

I've also added the columns for Garmin Mapsource, as that's what i'll
be using to work on re-producing the Ibycus Topo (so it ends up having
even better cross-referencing of features).  (and creating a custom
typ file set to make the Across Canada Trails - Garmin map)

In OSM, we dont directly compare the entities from Garmin MapSource,
as OSM is more free-form and develops international standards.

... i'll attempt to finish it up tomorrow, if not, then it'll be next
week. (as im currently working on other things too)


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