[Talk-ca] Streets with frontage roads...

James Ewen ve6srv at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 20:18:50 GMT 2010

Okay, I went for a tour on the weekend, and ran into a place where
GoogleMaps had a road that didn't exist. I decided to check OSM, and
as expected, the OSM map was more accurate!

Anyway, that led to me looking at other roads in the area, and I found
this issue. Grandin Road is a 4 lane collector, which I would consider
a tertiary, but GeoBase has it as a residential road. On either side
of the 4 lane road, beyond a median can be found 2 lane roadways where
residents can access their homes, driveways, and park along the

GeoBase has one access road on one side of the road labelled as
Grandin Road, but on the other side of the road, it has no name. All
three roads are tagged as residential. I'm thinking that a routing
algorithm would not know any better, and might send someone down the
side road, rather than down the main throughway.

What is the common ground on tagging these things? I would guess that
all these roads would get named Grandin Road, as the houses are all
addressed as Grandin Road. I was thinking that the 4 lane section get
bumped to tertiary as it is a collector road, and as such would be
more important than just a plain residential road. The side roads
could then stay as residential, or perhaps they would be better tagged
at a lower level?

Here are some links...

This is the area close up on OSM: http://tinyurl.com/grandinosm

Here's a streetview from Google so everyone has an idea of what the
real world layout looks like http://tinyurl.com/grandingsv

Having Google Streetview available is great, as it makes it really
easy to share real world views of the area easily. I am constantly
amazed at the information we have available these days!


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