[Talk-ca] WMS Layer for canvec data / toporama

Austin Henry ahenry-osm at canoe.staticcling.org
Wed Mar 10 05:21:51 GMT 2010

- Kevin Michael Smith arranged a host of electrons thusly: -
> If you look at the GetCapabilities response it lists all the available
> layers:
> http://wms.ess-ws.nrcan.gc.ca/wms/toporama_en?VERSION=1.1.1&request=GetCapabilities&service=wms
> It's down near the end.  Just add all of them to the LAYERS paramater of
> your GetMap request in the order you want them.  Here the result (I just
> used the order in the GetCapabilities response which seems to work well
> enough


Ah, excellent.  I'm glad you beat me to responding to Sam.  I'd been
meaning to send him that URL for some time, but life keeps getting in
the way of mapping stuff for me.  *sigh*  I guess this is a roundabout
apology for not getting to it.  Sorry Sam.


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