[Talk-ca] State of the Map 2010

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Mon Mar 15 19:05:26 GMT 2010

You should go.  Really.  It'll be fun and informative.

It's hard to explain the benefit of attending to somebody who hasn't
attended a similar conference before.  First, know that the
presentations will be super; informative, thought-provoking, funny,
challenging, moving, and inspirational, all in various measures.  Here
are some videos from SotM2009 http://www.vimeo.com/sotm09

But the presentations are only the start of things.  There will be
social events as well.  Last year included several planned meetings at
restaurants and pubs and a mass Chinese dinner, with haiku contest.
We are not afraid to mix our metaphors before they are hatched.  And
there is also unscheduled time between events.  None of this will have
been caught on video.  But all of this can be as valuable as the
formal presentations and workshops.

"How is that possible?" you may ask.

Presentations and workshops are a chance to learn something about a
topic that you select in advance.  A way to learn about your current

The social events are an opportunity to learn about the things that
you had no idea would spark your passions.  They are a chance to speak
one-to-one or in small groups about something that you find
challenging, or inspirational.  They are a change to observe the OSM
community interacting with itself, up close and in person.  A chance
to thank the developers that write the code you most enjoy.  A chance
to thank the cartographers give personality, colour and width to our
ground truth vectors.  A chance to meet a new client, employee,
colleague or employer.

So make sure you can fight off some of the jet-lag and attend some of
the social events as well.  You will not regret it.

The Call for Papers is open now if you want to submit a talk for

If you are not yet a member of the OSM Foundation, get your membership
first, then get a discount on your SotM ticket.

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