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Hi Andy, & talk-ca list,

(Since your the author of the cyclemap, perhaps you've run across this
situation already?)

I'm forwarding this announcement ... more to talk about mapping :)  ... and
if anyone is interested in going, please mark your calendars :)

It was originally an attachment, so i made it into a Google Docs view.
(probably archive.org would be better)

Here's what i did.  Perhaps others can help more?

<start of forwarward>
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Date: Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 7:18 PM
Subject: Re: Trail Challenge 2010 Launch - Trails BC
To: Léon Lebrun - Trails BC <southwest at trailsbc.ca>

Here's the 1st one.   Published on wikloc.com
(select 'more maps' and 'OpencycleMap')

And here's the view on Google Earth

And here's the vertical profile of it.

*You can get the CycleMap overlay to google earth here
>>> *maps.kml <http://mt.mgmaps.com/kml/maps.php>* <<< (gets the standard
*Hide all the other Google Earth Layers
* the middle button on the mouse & pull back lets you view in 3d
* Show the 'terrain' layer
*after the route is uploaded to wikiloc, you can download the route as a GPX
& split into segments of 500 points each, then you can open up the .gpx file
in MapSource & see the elevation
* You can download the point of interest (that are in OpenStreetMap) here
(that's the little tree icon close to Pojo's that you see on the map)

... I have been to Pojo's when i was on my cycling trip across western
Canada... good fries.   And the place isn't yet listed on OpenStreetMap. ...
that should be fixed. ...(I'll mention it to the mappers in the area)

Let me know if that's fine, then i'll do the other 4 the same way.



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From: Léon Lebrun - Trails BC <southwest at trailsbc.ca>
Date: Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 2:40 PM
Subject: Trail Challenge 2010 Launch - Trails BC
To: samvekemans at gmail.com

 list for Trails BC events please reply to this email by requesting; "Please
delete me from this list."

*Metro Trail Loop Cycle Challenges 2010
Five Golden Rings


*This year we are replacing our regular Trans Canada Trail (TCT)  Challenges
with five superb trail loop cycling challenges in the Metro Vancouver area.
Similar walking challenges are being considered for another year.  The loops
include existing TCT and future alternate routes for the TCT.*

*We cancelled a planned TCT Challenge from Tsawwassen to Fort Langley due to
new trail construction that will not be completed in time.*

*For more information see attachment.*

*There will be a limit of 40 participants per group. Deadline for
registration is April 20 or when all the groups are full.*
Léon Lebrun
& Southwest Regional Director
Trails BC
southwest at trailsbc.ca

</end of forward>

Here's what i know is true about OpenCycleMap
- we cant map the routes like this since the overall route does not exist
... BUT we can map 'proposed cycle network connections'.  That is, after we
know that we have mapped all of the existing cycle network (local &
regional) available.
- ideally (instead of wikiloc) we should be using
http://www.cyclestreets.net/journey/  since it's OSM by default. (and
OpenSource i think)
- bikemap.net is also good, as it uses cyclemap, and has a bit more

Google Earth: ... i know that this is a sensitive issue. ... the
Organization that is using this route is TrailsBC (a non-profit).  They
provide the map as information, & dont charge for it.
There is a fee for the ride as it is an organized group event. (a way to
support the Non-profit, so they stay afloat.   Just as OSM Foundation hosts
fund-raising drives.   (I don't ask why, i just volunteered to try to make a
nicer looking map)
The attribution is present (on my Picasa View of the map),   so i dont see a
problem with promoting the kml (OSM overlay)

The google earth licence (AFAIK) says that you cant print it in a Book &
sell it.   But the OSM licence says that you are aloud (but not using google
earth AND provided that you give attribution)
 ....  just like how the map is shown in the Times Atlas of the World (as an
example in the beginning part of the book)  ... (and is shown in the
wikiTravel Books also.)

Ideally, all of the waypoints that were used, should come directly from
OpenStreetMap (that OSM POI overlay).   But because OpenStreetMap is not yet
complete (the restaurant "Pojo's" is not in OSM) it makes it hard to fully
use OSM.

Anyway, to expand on this further (for other uses).  I dont see anything
wrong with me creating a free tourist map (where no money is exchanged
hands)   So an example like this
Where it is shown as a transparent overlay.   It should be fine.    The only
thing that i can't do is.... sell it.   AND I cant put advertising on the
page.   ... But i think i should list that the background is Google Earth
... or  if i show the background as Yahoo Imagery,,, would that make a

Just curious to see if anyone has any better ideas on how to help, so then
other people like Léon would be able to go to a website & easily create
this.  For their own routing event.

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