[Talk-ca] Extracting POI's from Garmin IMG files

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 05:17:55 GMT 2010

I use windows, so if your on a mac or linux it might be different.

Use gpsmapedit program from geopainting.com.
It will open up the IMG file.

Be at level 0 for the view
>From there you can search and select what you want, and 'invert
selection', and delete.

SaveAS and .mp file.
Check the properties and make sure they are all correct.
(change the map name, #, & make  it transparent)
check the zoom levels to make sure there are more than 3.

save the file again.

File>export>as garmin img
-pick the location of cGPSmapper & start. It should work.

If you get an error 'last layer can be empty' means you need to play
around with the layers.

I can help further off-list if needed.

What map are you using, if i can ask?


On 3/25/10, Marc Provencher <marc at marcprovencher.com> wrote:
> This may have been asked already, but I can't seem to be able to find a
> definitive answer on Google.
> Is there a way to extract POI's from an IMG file, in a format that would
> make the data suitable to re-insert into another IMG file?
> I'm working with Garmin (60CSx) and Mapsource.
> Cheers.
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