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Je suis surpris de tes conclusions soient aussi rapides. To courriel sur
osgeo-qc est apparu hier. Quatre personnes ont répondu à ton message jusqu'à
maintenant; c'est ce que tu appelles beaucoup ? Je participe à l'OSM depuis
3 ans, sans avoir utilisé openstreetmap.ca. Le domaine principal combiné au
talk-ca sont suffisants pour faire passer l'information considérant les
ressources disponibles. Je ne vois comment on maintiendrait un niveau
supplémentaire d'information. Tes efforts de traduction por le domaine
openstreetmap.ca est un bon exemple qu'il est difficile de maintenir trop de
sites. Je trouve que c'est d'encourager la diluation des efforts.

L'implication du Québec dans l'OSM est comparable à celui du reste du
Canada. Personnellement, je trouve la couverture du territoire est
encourageante. De plus, l'initiative GéoBase/CanVec entreprise et future
(canvec.osm) apportera une contribution importante. Mettons nos efforts à
amener nos organisations à participer au projet, c'est à mon sens une façon
concrète et mesurable de participer.

Bonne journée,


Le 27 mars 2010 03:16, Nicolas Gignac <gignacnic at gmail.com> a écrit :

> Dear,
> It is just to let you know that since I did not received any news from the
> work of French translation I have done one month earlier in the
> openstreetmap.ca web page, as a member of the OSGeo Local Chapter of
> Quebec (http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Chapitre_qu%C3%A9b%C3%A9cois), I post
> my initial idea for an openstreetmap Quebec or French Canada :
> http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/quebec/2010-March/000270.html as well as
> other project I had in mind (loading script unique to quebec datasets, cloud
> services over OSM, labaratoty environment for school / research /
> development area in Quebec, etc.).
> In this post, many persons in Quebec expressed their support to my initial
> idea and one of the member offered his help within his organisation as a
> hosting service for : osm-qc site, open raw datasets specific to Quebec,
> French documentation unique to Canada / Quebec, loading script, mapping
> party news in Quebec and so on. Everything that will be unique to Canada an
> din English will be linked to the actual openstreetmap.ca site, everything
> that is unique to the French language will be linked to openstreetmap.frand everything general to OSM will be linked to the osm "world" site. So, we
> are open to all French Canadian outside Quebec to be part of our project as
> well, just be sure you follow the discussion on the OSGeo-Quebec mailing
> list.
> My last question would be : if we want to use the word "openstreetmap" in
> our domain name, do we need to be supported by some people, organization or
> we can process with this : openstreetmap.qc.ca domain without any problem
> ?
> Thanks for letting us know and we will keep you all in touch with our
> project.
> Cheers,
> Nicolas
> Le 24 mars 2010 11:40, Richard Weait <richard at weait.com> a écrit :
>> 2010/3/24 Nicolas Gignac <gignacnic at gmail.com>:
>> > It is just to know what is going on with the French part of
>> > openstreetmap.ca? I send an email with all the corrections and I still
>> did
>> > not received any update... If it cannot be made quickly, can I have
>> write
>> > access and do the editing by my self?
>> I haven't seen Jason reply on this thread.  Did he indicate to anybody
>> that he would make these changes, or that he would accept help to do
>> so?
>> I haven't seen confirmation that Jason still runs openstreetmap.caeither.
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