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Also, if you are communicating to other organisations about OSM, you might
want to think about creating a local chapter. Contacting the OSMF local
chapters group you could at least ask  them if you should or for other
 local at osmfoundation.org

2010/3/28 Gregory <nomoregrapes at googlemail.com>

> 2010/3/27 Nicolas Gignac <gignacnic at gmail.com>
>> My last question would be : if we want to use the word "openstreetmap" in
>> our domain name, do we need to be supported by some people, organization or
>> we can process with this : openstreetmap.qc.ca domain without any problem
>> ?
> I would go ahead with that domain name, other people make similar named
> websites. I don't actually know about the name "OpenStreetMap" but I know
> the logo is trademarked by the OpenStreetMap Foundation(OSMF). This was done
> mainly so that people can't use it in a negative way, I fairly sure you're
> allowed to use it as you're supporting OSM and linking back to them a lot.
> You could contact the foundation to check things like this. They are a
> friendly bunch from the OSM community, elected by other members. I suspect
> at least a couple of the board members know some French too (sorry, I
> don't!).
> http://www.osmfoundation.org
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