[Talk-ca] GeoTiff in JOSM

Tyler Gunn tyler at egunn.com
Fri Sep 2 14:51:33 BST 2011

> Two options
> 1. Covert to tiles with gdal2tiles or another program.

How would I then serve these to JOSM?

> 2. Set up MapServer and server it with WMS

> 1 is faster at serving tiles but takes more disk space and pre-processing.
> 2
> is slower but better for large files since you don't have to pre-process.
> As your GeoTiff isn't very large, the first is a viable option. I'd guess it
> might take me a week to process.

Okay, I'll take a look at gdal2tiles; disk space, ram and CPU power
are commodities I have available in ample quantity. :)

> MapServer is a pain to set up, as you've discovered. If you're running
> Ubuntu I could show you my .map file if it'd help.

I'm running a broken Debian unstable distro at the moment.  :)  I plan
to reformat to use UBUNTU in the future so I'll have to look at
Mapserver then.


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