[Talk-ca] GeoTiff in JOSM

penorman penorman at mac.com
Fri Sep 2 18:55:54 BST 2011

I'm at work and going on vacation so I can't give a detailed answer for a few days, but this might help
Once the tiles are made you can serve the directories with apache or another web server.
xjjk from the OSM IRC channel has a parallized version of gdal2tiles which can significantly help processing times if you have a multi-core CPU.

You first need to set up gdal and gdal python bindings. You also need PIL for the antialias mode which offers the best tradeoffs between quality and speed for resizing methods.

gdal2tiles is reportedly significantly slower then it could be when compaired to some non-public tools that do the same work.

Just for reference, I had gdal2tiles running for 1-2 weeks on my 6 core CPU when doing the low quality surrey images and estimated it would take >1 year on my 3 core athelon II for the 200 GB+ high quality version

On Sep 02, 2011, at 06:51 AM, Tyler Gunn <tyler at egunn.com> wrote:

> Two options
> 1. Covert to tiles with gdal2tiles or another program.

How would I then serve these to JOSM?

> 2. Set up MapServer and server it with WMS

> 1 is faster at serving tiles but takes more disk space and pre-processing.
> 2
> is slower but better for large files since you don't have to pre-process

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