[Talk-ca] BC Highway tagging

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Thu Sep 8 04:37:34 BST 2011

While reviewing the highways I travelled this long weekend (1, 5 to
Kamloops, 5 to Clearwater, 1;97 to Sushwap, 1 to Hope, 7 to Vancouver) I
came across some new tags on the relations. Taking Highway 7 as an example,
the changes were

-          The removal of name=Highway 7

-          Changing network=ca_bc_primary to network=CA:BC


On some other relations the tagging nhs=yes was added.
&action=history indicates that this tag was first documented on Sept 6 by


The name=* tags for the tree of Trans-Canada relations also seems to of been
messed up.


I am going to be doing some cleanup work on the names, but I'm uncertain
what to do with the network tags. I'm unaware of any data consumers who
actually use this data and have no strong preferences myself. It does seem
wrong to change a consistent tagging standard with no prior discussion.


The nhs=* tag also seems useless. When I investigated the NHS during my
earlier work on consistent tagging of urban highways I found that NHS status
did not mean anything in practical terms and did not correspond to who was
responsible for road maintenance, who paid for the road, the condition of
the road, the size of the road, the importance of the road, the signing or
any other criteria I could think of.


Normally I would do a more detailed investigation but in this case it is
easier to fix the problem then fully investigate the exact details of the
changes.  The relations in question are large relations and I'm not always
able to determine when the changes were made through the web interface
without timeouts.


What are the thoughts of everyone on ca_bc_primary vs. CA:BC and the use of


Cc'ed NE2 since he may have been the one who made the changes.

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