[Talk-ca] NHS=* in Canada and network types

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Fri Sep 16 22:33:18 BST 2011

I'm hoping to do some highway work this weekend and would like to do any
changes to the highway tagging at this time. The two unresolved issues were


1.       NHS=yes on ways


The apparent reason for adding this was that it was used in the US and is
referenced on some Wiki pages. I've reread the Council of Ministers National
Highway System Review Task Force Report from 2005 [1] and still believe NHS
is of no relevance in Canada. I'd be skeptical about its relevance in the US
too, but I'm not a local there.


2.       Network tagging on relations


Relations have been a mix of ca_bc_primary and CA:BC. Rweait believes
ca_bc_primary came from ca_on_primary but I'm not sure where that was from.
It doesn't really matter which is used, but it should be consistent. Does
anyone know where ca_on_primary came from?



[1]: http://www.comt.ca/english/NHS-Report-English.pdf


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