[Talk-ca] Alberta? Quebec? BC? Where are you?

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Sun Sep 18 15:13:27 BST 2011

It is wonderful to see the increasing numbers of OSM groups in Canada.
 Fredericton, NB is the newest group to start, earlier this year, but
who will be next?

Will it be Vancouver, or do Van-OSMers just pop across to Seattle to
get their Mappy Hour needs filled?  Perhaps it will be Alberta, with a
healthy competition between Calgary and Edmonton to see who can reach
their tenth monthly meeting first?  Or maybe Québec, but will it be
Montréal, Québec or Sherbrooke?

Do  we have OSM contributors on Newfoundland?  Or in the Territories?


Why would I start a local OSM meeting?  Because it is fun to learn
more about maps and OSM and "stuff", and I learn something new at
every OSM meeting.

How can you start a local OSM meeting?  some tips are here.

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