[Talk-ca] Medicine Hat, Alberta

leuty leuty at immerda.ch
Fri Jan 25 12:56:17 GMT 2013

Hello Canadian Community, bonjour

While fixing connectivity errors using maproulette I found the following
location in Medicine Hat, Alberta, CA.


The streets mapped by user Yorii are done in a very strange way (not
connected, messed up connection of other roads). IMHO this seems a bit
like someone was toying around with an editor or the redaction bot
messed it up (who knows). Since they don't have a source=* tag I don't
know where the info of their existence comes from.

Bing imagery in this region was taken on 2010-06-23 and the streets were
added on 2011-07-15. Consequently, it could very well be that they were
built after Bing img was taken. It is hard for me to verify this form my
armchair in Switzerland and I already contacted the user Yorii, but he
didn't respond and made his last edit a year ago.

Is there newer Imaginary available for this region? Or is anybody living
there who could go out and verify their existence?

Thanks and again: Sorry if I make false acquisitions, this is not my
intention. I just want to fix it..

yours sincerely, bien cordialement


PS: Please keep me CCed since I am not subscribed to talk-ca.

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