[Talk-ca] Licence de données ouvertes, Montréal

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
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It’s good to see more municipalities opening up their data and open data catching on. Seeing more municipalities writing their own licenses isn’t so good.


Now, on to the more practical questions needed to use the data.


Could you provide a translation of 4.1 and 4.2 of their license? Are these identical to CC BY?


One of the problems with CC BY is the vagueness of the attribution. Some cities regard our attribution as not meeting the CC BY attribution requirements, although I guess that isn’t an issue here because they’ve explicitly said it’s compatible with ODbL, so I have to assume that meeting the ODbL attribution requirements (met by listing on http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Contributors) is sufficient for them.


What’s the Import Workgroup you refer to?


Lastly, cadastral data is probably the least exciting type of data for OSM. Other data like roads, addresses and even buildings is more useful.


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After consultation with the community, the city of Montreal changed its OpenData license the 28 February 2013. It is clearly stated on the page of the license:

It is similar to a Creative Commons license CC-BY. For example, it is compatible with the more restrictive type ODbL licenses such as OpenStreetMap.

See http://donnees.ville.montreal.qc.ca/licence/

On the Open Data day, Saturday, February 23, representatives of the city have also offered to provide cadastre data. This would greatly contribute to enrich the map of Montreal. If people are interested in contributing to this issue, please contact me. 

This is a good news for the community of free data, developers and all those who believe in a greater participation of citizens. The city of Montreal, by amending its license, contributes to develop an eco-system where OpenData creators OpenSource developpers, governments and citizens collectively contribute to enrich the information and dialogue.

We should of course assure with the Import Workgroup that this license is compatible with OSM. 

We hope that this example will be followed by others, including the Government of Quebec and Quebec City.

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