[Talk-ca] Out of date or incomplete NRCan-CanVec-7.0 data

Tony Toews tony at tonytoews.com
Sun Mar 3 01:38:31 UTC 2013


I'm just a casual editor who cleans up things I know first hand in a 
few small towns and a small city.    So I went to Landmark, Manitoba 
and saw an interesting, irregularly shaped out-of-date/incomplete 
polygon that was added.  I don't recall seeing it when I last visited 
there several months ago but who knows.

Residential Area - Source - NRCan-CanVec-7.0

This appears to display a shaded area on the user viewable map.

The problem is that this is very much out of date or 
incomplete.   Furthermore, for that village/hamlet it's mostly 
nonsense.   Main street, which is the highway running north/south 
through Landmark is the commercial/industrial road through town 
although there are houses interspersed among the retail and 
commercial buildings and feed mill.   Furthermore the residential 
area goes 1.5 blocks west and a few blocks east.  So it might as well 
not even exist.

Now judging on my memories of that village/hamlet it is probably at 
least ten years out of date.

  Does it serve any useful purpose?   Is it safe to delete that 
polygon or will it come back on some re-import in the future.

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