[Talk-ca] Master City: Let's play with OpenStreetMap

Mario Danelli mario.danelli at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 17:30:46 UTC 2013

Dear Fabian,

> Has this been released as free open source software ?

I just developed app versions for single countries (at the moment Italy, 
Germany and France) with more cities (about 1000 for every country), 
more detailed zoom level and a bonus level (very difficult).
I'll publish this versions of the app the next week. I think could be 
interesting to release this version (one of three) as base source that 
everyboy can enhance and customize with proper data/tiles for a specific 

In case which are the sources that I have to share? With which license? 
Must I have to sign the sources (with a specific header or others)?

Please, explain me in detail my rights/constraints?


Mario Danelli

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