[Talk-ca] openstreetmap.ca

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Mon Mar 25 19:12:49 UTC 2013

> From: Darryl Shpak [mailto:darryl at shpak.ca]
> Subject: [Talk-ca] openstreetmap.ca
> Good morning everyone,
> So: I am just about to renew this domain for another year. I would like
> to pass control of the domain over to the Canadian mapping community, to
> someone who will do something -- anything! -- with it that will be
> beneficial to Canadian users and/or mappers.

I'm running some imagery that I'd of liked to put on openstreetmap.ca. Of
course the URLs are all out there now under my personal domain name.

I could also host www.openstreetmap.ca, and if we got resources (+someone
with cartographic design skills) I could manage a Canadian tile layer.

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