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Fabian Rodriguez magicfab at member.fsf.org
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On 2013-03-25 10:33, Darryl Shpak wrote:
> Good morning everyone,
> For the last several years I've owned the domain openstreetmap.ca.
> [..]

> So: I am just about to renew this domain for another year. I would
> like to pass control of the domain over to the Canadian mapping
> community, to someone who will do something -- anything! -- with it
> that will be beneficial to Canadian users and/or mappers.

Hello Darryl,

Thanks for bringing up this resource on the list.

If no one else has a better proposal, I'd like to offer the assistance
of FACIL (http://facil.qc.ca) in managing this. I welcome any other
members of this list to join me in this offer.

FACIL is a non-profit based in Quebec province, doing advocacy for
free open source software - these days we primarily focus on the
government here in Quebec.

I am sitting on the board as VP and we have a few competent admin
resources, we have been reorganizing some of the hosting and content
managament resources succesfully. We recently launched an internal
ticket system and have access to free hosting via Koumbit.org.

I also have access to other resources as a member of the Free Software
Foundation but I believe the OSM project wiki combined with FACIL's
guidance should be enough for anyone other contributors here to step
in and add the missing glue.

If nothing else, having FACIL own the domain and pay for it, and
parking it until a formal project takes place would be logical for now.

Going a bit further, I would at least redirect it to the OSM Canada
wiki page [1], but that is up to you.

Pending other discussions on this list, I am leaving that offer on the
table. I have no urgency in adding another project to the many things
I am involved in, but I can offer those resources now. I suppose some
consensus will happen here.

Cheers to all,


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