[Talk-ca] openstreetmap.ca

Steve Singer steve at ssinger.info
Wed Mar 27 11:51:27 UTC 2013

On Mon, 25 Mar 2013, Fabian Rodriguez wrote:

> If no one else has a better proposal, I'd like to offer the assistance
> of FACIL (http://facil.qc.ca) in managing this. I welcome any other
> members of this list to join me in this offer.

Another proposal is to let OSMF register the domain and have them point it 
at a server with whatever we want to do with it.  If OSMF owns the domain 
they could still point it at a community controlled server.

The nice thing about having OSMF host the domain over some other project 
like FACIL is that OSMF is focussed on openstreetmap and we don't have to 
worry about them losing interest in the project (or if they do the community 
has a much bigger re-hosting problem).

* I don't know what policies OSMF has (if any) for domains in cctlds. I am 
hope they would be willing to take over the domain if local community 


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