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Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Wed Mar 27 12:42:40 UTC 2013

I understand the interest in OSMF holding the openstreetmap.ca domain.   To
balance that, there is a requirement that .ca domains be held by some body
with a legitimate interest or residence in Canada.  (Or something like
that).  If OSMF (being a UK not for profit) does not meet that requirement,
we're left with holding on to it for ourselves in some way.

I'm all for whatever we decide.  Especially if we can lighten the load for
Daryl, and allow more contribution from the community.

Thank you Daryl, for thinking to get the domain when it was available, and
for holding it safely for so long.  I know that you and I talked about
doing something with it a while back, and neither of us did.  I don't think
you've done anything "anti-community" with respect to the domain.  And I
think that starting this conversation amply demonstrates that you are one
of the good guys.

So, thanks again!

Among the options, for the domain I suppose, are:
- investigate getting OSMF to hold it
- continue to have a trusted community member hold the domain
- allow a trusted company to hold it
- form a company to hold it on our behalf
- something else(?)

I'll ask about OSMF holding it.  And I'd be willing to hold it on behalf of
OSMF and or "the Canadian community"

And I'd like to see, as a separate step, a group of us put our heads and
volunteer hours together to actually do something with it.  :-)

Best regards,
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