[Talk-ca] Adding a trail to OSM that is also a road

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Mon Apr 21 08:23:27 UTC 2014

You’re best off tagging the road (highway=track probably, maybe highway=unclassified) and indicating that it’s part of the Trans Canada Trail with a relation.


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In this case, the road is a Forest Service Road - often meaning low quality road, infrequent maintenance, lots of potholes and creeks running over the road. 4x4 recommended but in this particular case not required. I have both hiked and driven this section of road. The Trans Canada Trail IS the road. 


I was thinking it might be best to put a parallel set of lines for the Trans Canada Trail due to the fact that the road is not always open to vehicles. But as I'm new to using OSM, I figured I'd ask first.


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