[Talk-ca] Large polygons in JOSM

Tom Taylor tom.taylor.stds at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 15:46:55 UTC 2014

Might be dull, but I generally split multipolygons into reasonably-sized 
adjacent chunks rather than giant monsters. In my case, it's usually 
when I'm outlining a river.

Tom Taylor

On 14/09/2014 10:29 PM, Sam Dyck wrote:
> HI
> Currently I'm working on importing the Canvec tiles that make up Lac
> Seul in NW Ontario into OSM. Importing the data as it is, split into
> tiles and subtiles, is poor practice, and manually merging is time
> consuming and dull. So I began using JOSM's Join Overlapping Areas
> feature. This tool however requires that all ways be complete before
> merging. Resulting is a 100 000 node area that far exceeds JOSMs import
> limit and is time consuming to split up, and slows down JOSM. Is there
> an faster way to split this?
> Sam
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