[Talk-ca] Bulk Import of Address Range in GTHA from Metrolinx, Second attemps

Mojgan Jadidi mojgan.jadidi at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 14:44:50 UTC 2016

Hi all,
regarding to the question of Steve:
"What is the plan for when an inspection notices an issue."

We do resolve the issue manually no matter how big the region is, for
instance I noticed that 21 days ago, region of Peel imported the address
ranges in the Caledon neighborhood and some parts of Brampton close
to Vaughan region. We inspected our data manually and spotted the
duplication and remove all these area (about 400 features).

Steve: "I feel that consistency with adjacent data is more important that
absolute spatial accuracy. For example if your adding addresses to for a
road that is already in OSM but shifted east 10 meters compared to the
Geobase/statscan geometries then the address way should also be shifted
east (unless the correct thing to do is to adjust the OSM road)"

I can not accept that we compromise spatial accuracy for the sake of wrong
information. Considering that Geobase geometry are slightly different with
one on OSM, first, it refers to different map projection system and
translating one to other. To resolve this issue we keep the geometry of OSM
as reference and then the line is shifted in parallel manually.

For our second attempt import we are going to do sub-grid by sub-grid of
service area when we have more control on the number of imported features
and resolve any inconsistency manually.


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