[Talk-ca] Bulk Import of Address Range in GTHA from Metrolinx, Second attemps

Steve Singer steve at ssinger.info
Thu Feb 11 03:56:31 UTC 2016

On Wed, 10 Feb 2016, Mojgan Jadidi wrote:

> For accuracy and consistency issue, as I mentioned we validate our result 
> with imagery data and geosbase road segment geometry following with an 
> extensive visual inspection. Our visual inspection is on-going step and 
> never stops!.

What is the plan for when an inspection notices an issue.
In the brief period when the import was in OSM I noticed some places where 
there duplicate address ways or ways inconsistent with the existing roads. 
Sometimes this was because the existing data in OSM was properly in need of 
updating. How does that fit in with your process?

I feel that consistency with adjacent data is more important that absolute 
spatial accuracy.  For example if your adding addresses to for a road that 
is already in OSM but shifted east 10 meters compared to the 
Geobase/statscan geometries then the address way should also be shifted east 
(unless the correct thing to do is to adjust the OSM road)

We don't want something like

     ---odd addr way for Main Street---

     ---even addr way for Main Street ---

     ***** road for Main Street ******

For the tile by tile Canvec imports the merging was a manual process and 
better importers corrected issue like this using their best judgement and 
the various available sources.  This took time though, and if your adjusting 
the OSM data to get things inline then you need to upload that area as your 
doing the adjustments not later.


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