[Talk-ca] building guidelines for Canada

john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 16:41:20 UTC 2017

We have map features fine but there are a couple of things that don't seem
to be as granular or directly applicable.  So suggested guidelines please.

The first is a strip mall with businesses inside.

All the businesses have the same street number and postcode so they can be
attached to the building outline.  The less data redundancy we have the
more compact the database and the less likely we are to get conflicts.  ie
two different postcodes on the same building.

If the businesses are mapped as nodes then each can have its own name, web
site, internet_access=wlan etc.

However OSMand will only pick up addresses from nodes not building
outlines.  So if you want to feed in the address into a routing system you
need the street address on each node.  Yes the ideal is we don't map for
the renderer but in this case its fairly major.  Adding the postcode etc on
a central node doesn't work well as the end nodes will pick up the nearest
node address not the one within the building outline.

Which also raises the issue of building outlines of houses and street
numbers.  A terrace of houses should be mapped as a building outline
building=terrace and nodes added for each unit? Which leads into detached
building outline and do we add a node for the address etc?

Second the use of commas or ; to separate names of businesses in the mall.
I'm personally against this as first not many rendering systems can show
all the names, JOSM works fine, and second you can add tags such as web
site, phone number etc.

We don't have many semi-detached houses in Canada and the map features
suggests these be mapped as house.  If we know these are semi-detached is
it worth adding in the extra detail?

An office building that lists 1-16 floors except there is no 13 th floor I
assume should be mapped as levels=15 not 16.  Do we state this anywhere?


Thanks John
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