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john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 21:17:28 UTC 2017

Note to Dennis:  Apparently it appears that all the data brought in from
the Federal Government Open Data portal and from Vancouver were not brought
in under the Open Data License but under some private arrangement by Paul

The Metrolink address data import from the Open Government Portal was
interesting as they actually compared the Federal Government license to the
OSM license and came to the conclusion that it was compatible.  This was
discussed in talk-ca and accepted and it was their independent analysis
that led me to believe we were importing under the federal government's
Open Data license.  Prior to that I was under the impression that Open Data
and OSM did not mix.

Currently we're seeing a lot of references to Open Data in weeklyosm h
<http://www.weeklyosm.eu/en/archives/8656/>  which leads me to believe OSM
is now more accepting of Open Data.

I really do suggest holding off doing any more until LWG has come up with a
clear answer because I really don't think we have one yet.

Cheerio John
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