[Talk-ca] Cleanup of addr:country, addr:province, addr:state

Stewart C. Russell scruss at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 17:32:54 UTC 2018

Hi Clifford -

> Just one concern - Removing of addr:city. I encourage people to include
> addr:city since it's part of their mailing address and could easily be
> outside of the city limits.

There isn't the same hard link between cities and mailing addresses — at
least in Ontario. I live inside the Toronto boundary, and the city
addresses my tax bills to "my address, Toronto". Canada Post says my
address is "my address, Scarborough". (FWIW, Nominatim says I live in
"The Golden Mile, Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, M1K 5H3, Canada". Which
just goes to show that we really need a free source of postal codes in
this country.)

It looks like I live outside the area that the Geographical Names Board
of Canada considers to be Toronto, though:
http://www4.rncan.gc.ca/search-place-names/unique/FEUZB . Looks like
they rendered their official decision just about the time of
Amalgamation - roughly 20 years ago - so they need to look at it again.

"It's complicated" is a fair summary.


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