[Talk-ca] Cleanup of addr:country, addr:province, addr:state

Matthew Darwin matthew at mdarwin.ca
Mon Feb 19 18:58:47 UTC 2018

Hi Stewart,

Thanks for replying.

Stewart C. Russell wrote:

>> Alternately my proposal would be to:
>>    * change addr:state => addr:province
> Yes: addr:state is always wrong in Canada, but addr:province might be
> problematic for territories and First Nations reservations.

Yep.  Is there an alternate tag though?

>>    * add ~2.7 million missing  addr:province / addr:country where they
>>      don't exist
> No. Please don't do that. We have boundaries for that, so all you would
> be doing is adding redundant rows to the database.
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Addresses says:
> 	Tags such as addr:country=*, addr:city=* and addr:postcode=* are
> 	often redundant as features inside administrative boundaries
> 	(when mapped) "inherit" their attributes as supported by
> 	software such as Nominatim or Photon.

I really have no plans to do a huge edit to add what is essentially 
duplicate information. :-)

>>    * an then then to standardize what we are putting into those fields.
>>      eg for addr:province in Ontario
> Yes, if there's an address that can show the need of having an
> addr:province tag. The choice of value would be arbitrary: Ontario is
> official, ON is a postal convention.

The wiki https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:addr says for 
<https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:addr:province>/: The 
//province <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/en:province>//of the object. 
For Canada, uppercase two-letter postal abbreviations (//*BC*//, 
//*AB*//, //*ON*//, //*QC*//, etc.) are used. In Russia a synonym 
addr:region is widely used

/So it looks like the English abbreviation should be used, however, in 
practice it is not always.  Here are the top values in Canada:

   66885                 <tag k="addr:province" v="Nova Scotia"/>
   41104                 <tag k="addr:province" v="ON"/>
   33222                 <tag k="addr:province" v="British Columbia"/>
    7507                 <tag k="addr:province" v="Alberta"/>
    6089                 <tag k="addr:province" v="AB"/>
    4701                 <tag k="addr:province" v="BC"/>
    4258                 <tag k="addr:province" v="Québec"/>
    4257                 <tag k="addr:province" v="Ontario"/>
    2790                 <tag k="addr:province" v="QC"/>
    2134                 <tag k="addr:province" v="NB"/>
    1742                 <tag k="addr:province" v="SK"/>
    1285                 <tag k="addr:province" v="NU"/>
    1019                 <tag k="addr:province" v="Manitoba"/>
     799                 <tag k="addr:province" v="New Brunswick"/>
     778                 <tag k="addr:province" v="NL"/>
     518                 <tag k="addr:province" v="Quebec"/>
     323                 <tag k="addr:province" v="ontario"/>
     278                 <tag k="addr:province" v="PE"/>
     234                 <tag k="addr:province" v="NS"/>
     219                 <tag k="addr:province" v="MB"/>
     219                 <tag k="addr:province" v="alberta"/>
     199                 <tag k="addr:province" v="Qc"/>
     166                 <tag k="addr:province" v="Newfoundland and 
     163                 <tag k="addr:province" v="Saskatchewan"/>
     122                 <tag k="addr:province" v="saskatchewan"/>
     117                 <tag k="addr:province" v="Newfoundland"/>
     113                 <tag k="addr:province" v="On"/>
      89                 <tag k="addr:province:fr" v="Manitoba"/>
      66                 <tag k="addr:province" v="quebec"/>
      62                 <tag k="addr:province" v="Mb"/>
      43                 <tag k="addr:province" v="on"/>
      43                 <tag k="addr:province" v="manitoba"/>
      37                 <tag k="addr:province" v="bc"/>
      35                 <tag k="addr:province" v="qc"/>
      27                 <tag k="addr:province" v="British␣Columbia"/>
      27                 <tag k="addr:province" v="b.c."/>
      24                 <tag k="addr:province" v="PEI"/>
      23                 <tag k="addr:province" v="Nunavut"/>
      21                 <tag k="addr:province" v="mb"/>
      21                 <tag k="addr:province:fr" v="Alberta"/>
      17                 <tag k="addr:province" v="nb"/>
      14                 <tag k="addr:province" v="NT"/>
      14                 <tag k="addr:province" v="B.C."/>
      13                 <tag k="addr:province:fr" 
      12                 <tag k="addr:province:fr" v="Saskatchewan"/>
      11                 <tag k="addr:province" v="YT"/>

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