[Talk-ca] Issues with an Ottawa school

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Feb 22 18:58:49 UTC 2018


DWG has received a complaint about a fictional village in Africa,


and after investigation it turns out that a total of 120 user accounts
have been created on January 25th, using email addresses that point to
one particular unified school district in Ottawa.

76 of these have made edits, some of which are legitimate tracings of
buildings in Africa, but the majority are "funny" edits like the ones
you see in the link above, in various places in Africa and occasionally
the US. Objects with names like "Get dunked on", "The Ocean of
Awsomeness with Vianey, Sarah, Maddy and Aubrey not Abby", "the abanoned
mushroom railroad", "some fenced in area", "The Monkey Park" - the usual
teenage stuff.

I don't have the time to sort the good from the bad, and given that none
of the pupils/students were active after January 26th, I'll probably
revert the lot.

Would anybody be willing to try and make contact with the school
district in question, and try to find out who is responsible? It is
certainly a good idea to introduce young people to OSM, but apparently
with 120 in one go, teachers/instructors were unable to provide the
necessary guidance for this to become a success. (I have not seen any
attempts of organised cleanup either.)

It would be good if the organisers responsible had a contact into the
Ottawa OSM community so they could ask for support next time they plan
something like this.

(As a side note, most accounts seem to have been set up using real
names, which perhaps also is not best practice for teenage editing,
*especially* if most of the data contributed is actually detrimental to

If someone steps forward, I would furnish them with details in a
personal email so as to avoid publicly tarnishing the reputation of the
school in question ;)

Our aim is not to accuse, but to help them understand the issue, and do
better next time. It would be ideal if whoever steps forward possesses
the diplomacy skills necessary to get that across.


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