[Talk-ca] Manitoba buildings, addresses and high school work

keith hartley keith.a.hartley at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 15:31:44 UTC 2018

 Hi OSM'ers

I am working on adding buildings to OSM in Manitoba and have a few
questions. I was just offered an updated building footprint and address
shape file from the City of Brandon, and agreement that it can be used in
OSM. I understand that the license needs to be compliant with the OSMs of
course, and will email the licensing group. The City uses a open data
license similar to Ottawa's (can be seen here http://opengov.brandon.ca/
terms.aspx) I can get  written consent in an email if need be as well.
Currently the buildings are from the Manitoba land initiative website (MLI)
and I can see that the city of Brandon Data is much more accurate (in both
attributes and position) I will review the current data. Is there anything
else I should be doing before I upload this?

The plan is to have high school students look at the map and using walking
maps or equivalent data capture (android app) to find what is accessible
for people with mobility issues around their schools. I'll write the
results on a wiki to show our successes. Anyone else have good ideas how to
get students to add to the map? (with teacher oversight of course!)

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