[Talk-cl] CONAF info for OSM Chile

Alexandros Papadopoulos alexandros.papadopoulos en member.fsf.org
Jue Dic 29 20:37:48 GMT 2011

(apologies for message in English, my Spanish is very bad)

Feliz Navidad & hello!

I have been travelling around Chile by bicycle for the past 5 months.
I have used OSM maps exclusively for navigation, and to record POIs
and ways that are not already on the map.

I noticed that natural monuments (Parque Nacionals, Reservas Nacionals
etc) are not mapped in detail - hiking trails (senderos) and
facilities are missing, as are some boundaries (e.g. some parks are
not defined on the map at all).

Other than painstakingly collecting this information one trail at a
time, would it be possible for the Chile OSM community to reach out to
a CONAF contact and convince them to donate the data? I visited a
CONAF office today and they do appear to have all the data for their
areas of control in digital format (ArcGIS etc). At least the people
here were all too happy to give me a GPX export, so with a bit of
diplomacy CONAF could be convinced to do the same - as this would be a
selling point for hiking and other nature-related activities in Chile.

Apologies in advance if this has been discussed before or has obvious
flaws, I just thought I would bring it up.

Please note I am not subscribed to talk-cl (language barrier), so feel
free to CC: me if you would like to discuss this.

Thank you for all your work so far - I have enjoyed using OSM in Chile!


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