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Jue Dic 29 23:18:09 GMT 2011

Thank's For the information, you can get info in http://sit.conaf.cl and send the email to manager the site For more description , shape and maps... Bye!

Patricio Cifuentes Ithal

El 29-12-2011, a las 17:37, Alexandros Papadopoulos <alexandros.papadopoulos en member.fsf.org> escribió:

> (apologies for message in English, my Spanish is very bad)
> Feliz Navidad & hello!
> I have been travelling around Chile by bicycle for the past 5 months.
> I have used OSM maps exclusively for navigation, and to record POIs
> and ways that are not already on the map.
> I noticed that natural monuments (Parque Nacionals, Reservas Nacionals
> etc) are not mapped in detail - hiking trails (senderos) and
> facilities are missing, as are some boundaries (e.g. some parks are
> not defined on the map at all).
> Other than painstakingly collecting this information one trail at a
> time, would it be possible for the Chile OSM community to reach out to
> a CONAF contact and convince them to donate the data? I visited a
> CONAF office today and they do appear to have all the data for their
> areas of control in digital format (ArcGIS etc). At least the people
> here were all too happy to give me a GPX export, so with a bit of
> diplomacy CONAF could be convinced to do the same - as this would be a
> selling point for hiking and other nature-related activities in Chile.
> Apologies in advance if this has been discussed before or has obvious
> flaws, I just thought I would bring it up.
> Please note I am not subscribed to talk-cl (language barrier), so feel
> free to CC: me if you would like to discuss this.
> Thank you for all your work so far - I have enjoyed using OSM in Chile!
> Alex
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